I Said “YES”…after some wine.

I’m a YES girl, always have been, always will be. Because really, life is too short and #YOLO and all that other shit. So when my friend Kim, with the top knot, asked me after a few glasses of wine to join her for some free Pilates classes she had “won,” I said YES.

I’m not a huge fan of sweating, which makes it hard to like working out. I grew up dancing but that was about as athletic as it got. Group sports, anything with hand- eye coordination or balls flying at my face was not my bag. I even got cut from my freshman volleyball team that was supposed to accept everyone.

For the past few years I’ve been doing Bar classes once a week because it met my criteria of not sweating and I needed to work on my destroyed after kids core. I considered that enough but when Kim turned to me after our third workout class together and said we should start a blog of our different workouts across Fairfield county I said YES!!!

There are hundreds of different boutique workouts in Fairfield county alone and it’s so hard to know which ones suck, which ones are fun, which ones leave you sore and what goes on in those scary rooms. Kim and I are on a mission to try them all and give you the skinny on everything workouts and wellness in Fairfield County. We can embarrass ourselves so you don’t have to, Namaste!

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